What Hunger Free Vermont expects from hosts

1. Recruit a qualified chef and nutrition educator to lead the series. Instructors need not be professionals, but should be well-versed in cooking techniques (chef) and health and nutrition education (educator). Hunger Free Vermont continually seeks and trains new instructors. Please contact Hunger Free Vermont for help or tips for recruiting an instructor. 

2. Watch the Learning Kitchen orientation modules and share the videos among each member of the TLK team. For greater convenience and accessibility, The Learning Kitchen orientation is now provided online through a series of six YouTube videos. Altogether, modules take no more than 45 minutes to view. It is expected that all members of the team view these videos to learn about the overarching goals of TLK, learn how to navigate the curriculum and complete paperwork, and develop more confidence in preparing for a successful series.

3. Identify additional levels of support. For series being conducted at schools and other sites that run programs, Hunger Free Vermont strongly encourages including an administrator and/or member of the food service staff in the orientation so that they can learn how to support the lessons throughout the school or site. Support staff, parents, wellness committee or PTO members, and other interested members of the community are also encouraged to attend. Orientations are also appropriate for potential donors of food for a series, such as farmers, store owners or representatives from local food pantries.

4. Recruit eligible participants. More than half of participants must be income-eligible (please see the Eligibility Guidelines). Most Learning Kitchen classes have 8-11 participants, although many have up to 16. If you have fewer interested participants, please contact us for more information.

5. Maintain careful records and administer evaluation surveys at the beginning and end of the series. Records include a weekly attendance sheet and tracking form, as well as copies of receipts for all food purchases. If pictures are taken during the series then it will be necessary to collect photo authorization forms as well.