The Learning Kitchen Curriculum: Young Adult

The Learning Kitchen Curriculum - The following curriculum files are designed to be printed double sided.  It is very helpful to use a 3-ring binder with dividers for each section to make navigating the curriculum easier!The curriculum will be updated annually as needed, so look back at these links each October for updates:

Curriculum Supplements - 

  • Young Adult Virtual Flipchart - If you have access to a screen and projector, use these "virtual flipcharts" as you teach the lessons instead of a regular flipchart or whiteboard.

  • Fancy Food Names Activity Explanation and Video Links (school-based series only):This activity, called Fancy Food Names, is based on research that shows that creating a “smarter lunchroom” increases consumption of healthier foods.  During this activity, participants create fun names for menu items offered in their school cafeteria and are expected to create signs, which should be displayed for 1 month in the lunchroom. It’s great to invite your school cook to be present during this activity (located in Lesson 6 in the Young Adult curriculum) so they can help implement the signs in the cafeteria. The purpose of this activity is to expand the reach of TLK in hopes of promoting healthy behavior change in the broader school environment.

    • You can watch this video from the Smarter Lunchrooms website to get a better sense of what this activity is about. This is a version you can show your TLK participants.

    • Point of Purchase Prompts - Use these templates to develop signs for your cafeteria to encourage eating of fruits and vegetables