Help protect food access for over 13,000 Vermonters - submit a public comment by September 23rd!

On July 23, the Trump Administration announced its latest attempt to take food away from over 3 million Americans in need by proposing to effectively eliminate a long standing and widely used state option that has existed within the SNAP program (called 3SquaresVT here in Vermont) for over 20 years. This option, called ‘broad-based categorical eligibility,’ allows Vermont, along with 42 other states, to expand access to 3SquaresVT for vulnerable low-income Vermonters (including working families, children, older adults, and people with disabilities). If enacted, this rule could cut 3.1 million Americans and over 13,000 Vermonters off from crucial benefits that allow them to put enough food on the table for themselves and their families.

There is still time to fight this proposal, but we need your help. Please submit a public comment opposing this change to 3SquaresVT by September 23rd. Together, we can fight this cruel and unnecessary proposal and show that Vermonters believe in supporting our neighbors during times of need so that they can move toward financial stability. Click here to submit a public comment.


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If you are interested in submitting a public comment, click here.

For more information on the proposed rule, reach out to Drake Turner, Food Security Advocacy Manager at Hunger Free Vermont at (802) 231-0394 or