Outreach Materials & Strategies 

Creating an outreach strategy can increase enrollment in your Nutrition Education programming. See below for useful tips and pre-made documents to assist you in getting started with your outreach efforts. Think about the age group you’re trying to reach and be creative about how to best get the word out to that demographic in your community!

Outreach Tips:

  • Word of mouth: Ask participants, colleagues, and other community members to spread the word about your nutrition education programming. Word of mouth is a simple, FREE, and effective way to get the word out about your program.

  • Newsletters: If you’re hosting your program at a school, send home newsletters with students, outlining the description, dates, locations, and registration info a few weeks prior to your program beginning.

  • Share on Social Media: Share information about your program on your personal social media accounts, school district social media accounts, and the social media accounts of other relevant community groups if they allow.

  • School District Website: See if your local school district will allow you to share information about your program on their website.

  • Post flyers: Post flyers in high traffic locations such as libraries, local schools, community buildings, grocery stores, coffee shops, natural food coops, restaurants, and any other public spaces that allow program advertisements.

  • Share a press release: Send a press release about the program to your local newspaper.

  • Share on Front Porch Forum: Reach your community digitally by sharing a blurb about your program on Front Porch Forum.

  • Community Newsletters/Email: Ask for your program information to be included in local community groups’ digital or print newsletters.

The Learning Kitchen Outreach Templates

Social Media:

  • Social Media Image

  • Suggested Caption: We’re excited to announce we will be hosting a 6-week nutrition education program called the Learning Kitchen! The Learning Kitchen teaches students how to cook nutritious, low-cost meals, create healthy nutrition habits, and to have fun while cooking. This series is geared towards ____(age group) and will be hosted at ____ (location), starting ______ (date.) Contact us to learn more!


The following flyers have fields that can be filled in with your specific information when clicked on. Alternatively, you can print the flyers as is and fill in the blanks by hand.

Press Release:

Front Porch Forum: