All Ages

Nutrition Tip Sheets

“These tip sheets make great handouts for your nutrition education presentations. They can either supplement our nutrition education self-instructional booklets or add to other wellness or parent education resources. Some are designed for children and work great in after-school youth settings.

Note: many are available in both English and Spanish.”

UMass Extension Nutrition Education Program Educational Materials

“The mission of the UMass Extension Nutrition Education Program (NEP) is to provide individuals, families, and communities with the knowledge and skills to manage their food resources effectively and enjoy healthy foods, and physical activities for longer and more fulfilling lives. The materials are designed to promote healthy and active lifestyles. These publications contribute toward this mission by helping individuals and families apply the principles of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and Choose MyPlate in their daily lives.”

Vermont Harvest of the Month

Vermont Harvest of the Month is a program run by Green Mountain Farm to School and founded by Vital Communities and Food Connects to promote seasonal eating, encourage healthy diets and support the local economy. They provide ready to go materials for the classroom, cafeteria, and community that promotes the use of local, seasonal Vermont foods.

Save the Food

Save the Food is a national public service campaign to combat food waste. The website includes a variety food storage tips, meal planning tips, including a “guest-imator” tool, an interactive calculator to help you plan how much food you need to purchase for a meal for many without producing food waste.

Nutrition Education Obesity Prevention Resources

“These publications were developed by the Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Branch of the California Department of Public Health. These publications are designed for low-income consumers and intermediaries that work with them. The materials are grouped into the following categories: Booklets, Brochures, Cookbooks, Curricula, Posters, and Toolkits.“

Nutrition Education Booklets

“The booklets emphasize the importance of all five food groups, are colorful and engaging and available in English and Spanish. Current users include health professionals (physicians, nurses & dietitians), workplace wellness coordinators, PTA leaders, and school principals.”

SNAP-ED Resource Library

The SNAP-ED Resource Library is a comprehensive resource base of Nutrition Education programs, curriculums, and materials. The library includes resources in English and in Spanish.

MyPlate Resources

“The US Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services have a wide variety of free resources available to help health professionals and Americans implement the recommendations in the Dietary Guidelines. Check out the following ready-made resources in the chart below and feel free to tailor them to best meet the needs of your audience or use them to inform your work.”