Gretchen Stern

Operations Director
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As the Operations Director at Hunger Free Vermont, Gretchen manages organizational finances, human resources, and administration. With many years of experience in bookkeeping, donation processing, and organizational development, Gretchen came to Hunger Free Vermont in 2015 as the Admin and HR Manager. She became the Operations Director in late fall 2015 and now manages both finances and HR for the organization. Her responsibilities include overseeing the budget, day to day finances, federal and state grant expenditures, annual audit process, employee policies and benefits, and administrative operations.

Gretchen has studied Psychology, special education, and organizational development. She served as the Director of Education at Sylvan Learning Center and Organizational Development Manager at the Children’s Literacy Foundation. She is passionate about strategically aligning an organizations’ operations to best carry out its mission and stand by its values. She believes in supporting individuals’ strengths, offering opportunities for learning and growth, and creating a backbone for core mission support within the administrative department.

Outside of her work at Hunger Free Vermont, Gretchen follows her other passions of writing, reading, traveling, and playing in nature with her son and her partner.