Evaluation Materials


Food Behavior Checklist -  This 16 question outcome evaluation is administered at the first and last class to measure changes in dietary behaviors of participants.  Hosts should provide double-sided color copies on 11" x 17" paper which is folded in half for all participants to ensure consistency.  

Checklist for Participants aged 17 & under

* Checklist for Participants aged 18 & over.


SNAP-Ed Nutrition Education Program Information - This paperwork is intended

 * Participants over 18 fill out their own form

 * Only one form is needed for classes where most participants are 17 and under - the host or instructor can fill this out


Fruit and Vegetable Inventory - This two-question survey is intended to evaluate positive changes in consumption of fruits and vegetables, specifically. The half sheet is to be distributed to participants after the final class. These evaluations can either be copied and distributed to every participant or the class can be surveyed and respondent numbers can be collected for each response.


Subjective Evaluations - These evaluations are administered after the final class to solicit comments and feedback

* Evaluation for Participants 

* Evaluation for Instructors