School-Based Nutrition Programs County Enrollment & Participation Snapshots

The linked School Meal Program Data Snapshots below will tell you:

  • Which child nutrition programs your school currently uses
  • Which child nutrition programs your school is eligible to use—or close to being eligible to use
  • How many students are enrolled in free school meals
  • Which students actually eat breakfast and lunch at school

Knowing this information will help you determine actions you can take to improve student health and learning, strengthen your meal program finances, and move toward increased local food purchasing and farm to school engagement.

Hunger Free Vermont’s Child Nutrition Initiatives Team can help you better understand the information listed for your school, so download the pdf below that includes your school, and give us a call at (802) 865-0255 – we will work with you to determine the next best action you can take for your school’s meal and farm to school programs.