Important Information about the Earned Income Tax Credit & 3SquaresVT

Attention Working Families with Children: If you received the Vermont Earned Income Tax Credit, you may also be eligible for 3SquaresVT, saving you thousands of dollars this year!

Working families with children who receive the Vermont Earned Income Tax Credit (VT EITC) are automatically income eligible for 3SquaresVT food benefits and may be eligible for free school meals.

  • Families earning up to $54,884 may receive EITC (eligibility is based on income, filing status, and number of dependent children).

  • Even if you don't earn enough to file taxes, you can still get the EITC!

  • For more information about VT EITC eligibility, click here.

  • Once you've received the VT EITC, you are income eligible for 3SquaresVT. You still have to apply. Be sure to answer YES to Question #6 on the application.

  • As long as you receive a 3SquaresVT dollar benefit, no matter the amount, your children qualify for free school meals.

Service providers: use this flyer and these articles to help spread the word. Tax preparers: Share this half-page flyer with clients.

  • For more information about EITC, go to or call 1-800-829-1040. For free help preparing your taxes, dial 2-1-1 to make an appointment in your community.

  • Don’t know if you received the VT EITC this tax season? Check your tax return or call the Vermont Department of Taxes at 1-866-828-2865 (toll-free in VT).

Get a 3SquaresVT application now, or to estimate your 3SquaresVT benefit using the Eligibility Calculator click here.