We improve access to and participation in 3SquaresVT (known nationally as SNAP), one of the most reliable, consistent, and dignified means to prevent hunger

To ensure all eligible Vermonters can access this program to provide meals at home, Hunger Free Vermont:

  • Works closely with the Vermont Department for Children and Families who administers the program

  • Conducts training sessions for advocates and service providers

  • Facilitates a statewide work group of state administrators and community partners to improve the program and creates outreach and educational materials to increase participation

  • Advocates for policies at the state and national level to improve access

Advocates and service providers can find resources for  those looking for food assistance here:


We advocate to Protect and strengthen the 3SquaresVT program at the local and national level

Some examples of our 3SquaresVT Advocacy include:

  • In 2008, Hunger Free Vermont supported legislation that expanded 3SquaresVT eligibility for Vermonters from a max of 130% of the poverty line to 185% of the poverty line.


Take the 3SquaresVT Challenge

For those interested in helping to raise awareness about the challenges of eating well on a limited food budget and the importance of the 3SquaresVT benefit for helping Vermonters make ends meet, consider taking the 3SquaresVT Challenge.