2018 Successes

  • Provided customized assistance to 49 schools and 2 community groups resulting in 1,047 children accessing a new nutrition program. Our work enabled Vermont to maintain its position of leadership in the northeast region with implementing universal school meals. 24% of Vermont public schools now participate in this highly successful school meal program model, with universal school meals reaching over 16,400 students.

  • Worked with the Vermont Farm to School Network and the Vermont State Legislature, to add $50,000 in funding to the Farm to School Grant Program, further strengthening the relationship between Vermont farms and schools. Hunger Free Vermont’s Farm Bill Nutrition Coalition presented priority recommendations to our Congressional Delegation, and worked successfully with them to stop cuts to SNAP (3SquaresVT) in the Farm Bill.

  • Increased school breakfast participation through our strong partnerships with Vermont schools and New England Dairy and Food Council. On an average school day, 18,922 low income children participated in the national School Breakfast Program. Vermont is now ranked 3rd in the nation for the number of low income students who eat school breakfast, that also participate in school lunch.

  • Helped more schools and communities feed children during out-of-school time. Vermont now ranks 2nd in the nation for reaching an average of 7,800 kids per day with free meals last summer, and 3rd in the nation for reaching an average of 2,885 kids per day last year with afterschool meals.

  • Conducted free trainings on nutrition to directors and workers representing at least 37 childcare centers from every county of the state, serving 200 infants and toddlers.

  • Provided 22 free trainings for over 378 community service providers and counselors so they can better help eligible Vermonters apply for 3SquaresVT benefits. In addition to these trainings, we held a statewide 3SquaresVT Policy & Outreach Conference attended by over 100 people who participated in workshops to tackle stigma and advocate for keeping 3SquaresVT strong.

  • Expanded our Food As Medicine collaboration with Vermont’s healthcare providers to integrate effective screening for hunger as part of standard medical practice, and effectively connect patients experiencing hunger and malnutrition to stable sources of healthy food.

  • Offered 32 series of The Learning Kitchen, providing over 300 low income youth and adults with the skills needed to shop for and prepare nutritious meals on a budget.

  • Organized and supported 10 regional Hunger Councils, engaging more than 1,000 local community leaders to educate their state legislators about hunger in their regions, network to better provide coordinated anti-hunger services, map their local food resources, and many other projects.